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About Rhodes

Lovely and green in May, dry as dust in September; crowded beaches versus small villages where you will hardly find any tourists; a fashionable shopping town with all the top brands, but also widows dressed in black who live in run-down houses; these are only a few of the contrasts you will be confronted with when visiting Rhodes, an island of extremes. Perhaps the massive influx of sun-worshippers makes Rhodes a less obvious destination for hiking; but being an island of contrasts Rhodes also has areas where you can walk for hours without seeing any tourists.

So in contrast to the densely populated and economically developed north there is a calm and green central part of the island and a quiet southern part. The tourists you will see here only pass through the area in their rental car for a day tour around the island. Here you can walk for hours on end while enjoying daily Greek life. Sometimes you will visit authentic villages with beautifully renovated houses; but you will also come across ugly run-down hamlets in which the church is the only building that looks like it is fit for habitation.
Ancient times versus the modern age. It is another contrast that is so typical of Rhodes. The island has a relatively good infrastructure, for example with a large sea port where the biggest cruise ships regularly lie at anchor. However, there are also lots of remains dating back to Antiquity which can easily compete with the many famous sights in Athens. The Acropolis of Lindos was and still is world famous and the ancient city of Kamiros is one of the best preserved ruins in Greece.

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The guide

Walking on Rhodes is a very pleasant way to discover all these aspects of the island. We have described twenty walks, which are spread out across the island varying in length from 4.4 to 22 km. Some are brisk climbs of a couple of hours, whilst others are more flat walks that take up most of the day. Get to know the other side of Rhodes while walking and enjoy!!

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