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Last update: March 2024

Walk 1

All the marking is new now, so that’s a big improvement. In some areas – especially around GPS4 to GPS6 – the forest has been cleared. However, the marking there is also very good, so it will not be a problem to do this tour.

Walk 2

Update walk 2 >> (pdf).

Walk 3

Page 26, The walk, line 4 to 6: ‘At a crossroad…’ till ‘a wooden shed.’ replace by: You come to a junction with a broader path. Turn left here and after 50 meters turn right, onto a narrow path near a wooden shed.

Walk 4

Page 31, line 7:
The green markers in the southern part of the route have been overpainted with orange.

Walk 5

Page 34, line 9:
Along the path you’ll meet a sign that says that the ‘walking path ends here’. That is not true you can continu the walk as described. The owners off the cottages near GPS3 have asked the Kommun to shut the walk down, because of theft from the houses. However, there is no obvious link between hiking and steeling, and walking is not prohibited.

Walk 6

Re-walked in July 2016:
The longer version of this route is no longer accessible. The shorter version has been newly marked, which makes it even easier to find your way.

Walk 8

Because of work in the forest and little maintainance some paths have become hard to find. That’s why we made some changes in the  route description (see below). We strongly recommend to use a GPS during this walk. E-mail us for the tracks at info@onedaywalks.com

Page 46, line 12, after GPS3 until page 47 , line 2 including ‘…orange marking.’:

Replace the text with: Turn right here. The path descends, ignore side tracks. Follow the path until you reach a gravel road. Turn left here. After 300 metres, at the end of the road, walk straight ahead onto a grass path that passes a house. Right after you passed the house turn right and walk across the grass field. Keep a shed at your left hand. At the other end of the grass field you’ll find  a small track with orange marking that leads into the forest. A little further on you’ll pass a sign.

Then continu with the itinerary in the guide at page 47, line 2.

Page 47, line 8 after GPS4 until line 15, including ‘…turn right.’:

Replace the text with: Turn right here and follow this road 1.2 km until you reach a T-junction. Turn right there.

Then continu with the itinerary in the guide at page 47, line 13: ‘The road goes down here. etc’.

Walk 10

Page 55, line 12 : ‘At a Y-crossing…’Received a remark that it’s not clear whether it’s the first or second Y-crossing. In both cases you have to follow the orange marking.

Walk 11

Due to major work in the forest and lack of maintenance, this route is no longer accessible.

Walk 12

We received feedback that this tour is no longer possible due to huge forestry works. Better choose another one.

Walk 15

Re-walked in August 2019. In general, the route description is still adequate, although there are small changes. The tube and the steps mentioned in the lines 3 and 4 have disappeared (page 76). The ‘Hastbergsätern’ sign (line 5) has been painted over with ‘Badplats’. We advise you to use the GPS track. If you have the guide, you can request it from us by e-mail.

Walk 17

The green-white marking is now orange.

Walk 22

Finding your way (and even the starting point) is not always easy. The staring point is just some wooden shield, without any information now. We re-walked this tour in July 2017 and made the GPS-track again. Please feel free to email us and ask for it.