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Last update: March 2024

Walk 1
Page 17, line 8, GPS5: a part of the path just after the waterfall is washed away. You’ll be able to climbe across. However, if there is a lot of water, you better walk back to GPS4 an follow the iternary from line 16 onwards.

Walk 2
Page 20, line 6. Some things have changed here. Look for marking (white circle and/or red dots) and follow those till you reach the shore.

Walk 3
The walk: Page 24:  line 3
The first gravel road immediately after the bridge has disappeared. So now you take the first gravel road you see to the left (GPS2)

Walk 4
The walk: Page 28: 1st line

We received an update that a fence was placed at the start of the walk, at the point where the asphalt road turns into gravel.

Alternative: Walk back the road you came along with the car. At the bottom of the valley you take a gravel road to the left. It takes you around the hill and joins further on another gravel road, which you follow to the right. You’re now back on the original track and follow the itinerary from the third line.

Walk 5
The walk: Page 32, at the end of the page. The ascending path has collapsed. Follow the alternative route as described in the guide.

Walk 6
Getting there: The starting point of the route is just south of Kiotari. Follow the main road through Kiotari, in the direction of Gennadi. After the exit to Asklipio on your right continue to follow the main road about 800 metres, passing a bridge over a (dry) river bed. 200 meters after that take the asphalt road to the left. After 100 metres you will reach a crossing. You can park your car nearby. Kiotari can also be reached by bus.

The walk: Page 36, line 7: The wooden road sign (GPS3) has disappeared. Just walk to the first crossing of paths where you can cross the river bed to the right.

The walk: Page 37, line 9: ‘Further on you will walk beside a fence on the left side of the road’: the fence is gone. Keep following the broad path straight ahead, ignoring side paths, until you reach an asphalt road. Follow the itinerary in the guide as from line 11.

Walk 11
Page 55, Getting there: There’s a large parking at the church.

Walk 13
We got information that walking this route is not possible, because it is closed off at the start near Bella Vista. Also a lot of the gravel roads are concrete now. Better choose another tour.

Walk 14
Page 70, line 11: At the T-crossing you’ll find a fence now. Turn right here and follow the gravel roads around Agathi beach. You pick up the route description at line 13: ‘The road becomes an asphalt road.’

Walk 17
Page 83, first line. To be sure: you need to leave the coast path here and take the path turning left up quite a steep hill to a saddle between two small summits.

Walk 20
Page 93 Getting there: There’s a large parking at the church.