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One Day Walks


One Day Walks B.V. is the publishing company of three enthusiastic hikers: Marco Barten, Paul van Bodengraven and Marjan Wildeboer regularly put on their hiking shoes for a walking tour. And we have our own ideas about what the ideal walking guide should look like.


The ideal walking guide must of course include an extensive itinerary. And we are of the opinion that you can only describe the walks in detail if you have actually explored the routes yourself. Hikers might also want to know what they can expect along the way. And that’s why we take lots of pictures. The most stunning ones are included with the walks. And of course, we explain to you how to get to the start of the route, what the distance is, and how long it will take you. Almost all our walks are tours so you will always end the tour where you started it. All maps are also made by us.


Our company is in fact a hobby that’s gotten out of hand. Because we realised that other guides often did not meet up with our expectations and our wishes, we came up with the idea to make one ourselves. All three of us work in the communication business and therefore had some ideas about concept and design. And because we definitely wanted to do our own thing, we decided to become publishers ourselves.


One Day Walks Publishing B.V.

Traaij 214, 3971 GW Driebergen-Rijsenburg – The Netherlands

Telephone 0031 6 336 88 244

Our walking guides

Four of our guides are published in English: Värmland, Dalarna, Central Sweden and Rhodes. We always choose special destinations with the best possible hiking routes. Each publication includes 20 to 22 walks. The guides are practical and have a ring binder, so that you can fold the pages completely down. The length of the walks varies between 4.4 and 22 km, so that there’s at least one suitable walk for almost everyone. For each destination we have come up with the best and most beautiful walks. Each walk is also brightened up with several stunning photographs that show you what you can expect. At the back of the guide there’s a map which indicates where exactly you can find a route.

Walking in Värmland

Walking in Dalarna

Walking in Central Sweden

Walking on Rhodes

The tours

For each walk we have indicated the distance, how long it will take you and how difficult it is. We tell you how to get to the starting point of the route and whether this can be reached by public transport. Of course, each route includes an extensive itinerary and a map. And for the GPS fans, we have included four to eight GPS coordinates with each walk. But the walks can be easily done without GPS! We limit ourselves to the most necessary information. Each guide includes an introduction of about 10 pages in which we explain the things you might come across along the way. But this is a hiker’s guide first and foremost. Others know a lot more about matters such as history, geology, restaurants and other tourist information. And there are plenty of guides about these topics already.


We get lots of emails from people who have used our guides with remarks about changes in the routes or bottlenecks that they came across. We read all of these emails and compare them with the response of other hikers. And if we think it is necessary, we mention these changes on our website so that other hikers can benefit from it. Each guide has its own page on our website. For a reprint, we go back and personally check all changes in the route that people reported to us.